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“I Don’t Believe In Dishonesty. I Believe In Getting My Clients Honest, Sustainable, Real, Lifelong Results. " 
-Matt Michael
“I Treat All People With A Genuine And Equal Respect I Don’t Believe In Anything Less.”
“I Won’t Give You A Temporary Solution, I’ll Help You Create A Permanent Lifestyle.”
“I Coach People To Reinvent Their Eating, Not Give Up All The Foods They Love”
My Personal Success Journey
I Lost 50 lbs in 3.5 Months. 
And Also Cured My Anxiety, Depression, High Blood pressure, Insomnia, & Acne 100% Naturally.
I Am Grateful That I Am Now Able To Help People Accomplish Similar Feats.
Success Stories From Both Short & Long Term Clients Of Matt & FNC
Lost over 60 Pounds & significantly reduced anxiety naturally.
Dr. Benjamin Larkin
Learned how to drop & maintain weight long term with ease from Matt without giving up all foods he loves.
Overcame anorexia/bulimia. Conquered her fear of food. Dropped several %s of body fat and went from starving herself to eating 6 meals a day. 
Dropped 12+ pounds in just over 21 days in the FNC 21 day challenge. He says that Matt "is a Godsend" at this time in his life. 
(Currently In The Beta Testing Phase)
I believe that the one thing most people are missing from achieving success with the body they Desire is Step By Step high quality coaching. The problem for most is that 1 on 1 Coaching, group coaching, & Honestly... Any Coaching costs a lot of money...
.....Until now. 

FNC Academy is designed to offer the best of the best in coaching and guidance to help you get from point A to point b With Your Weight Loss & Health Goals Successfully For An Ultra Low Monthly Fee.

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(Currently In The Beta Testing Phase)
Fit-Nutrit-Commit: One On One Coaching
Online Coaching
I decided to say goodbye to traditional personal training because I knew there had to be better, more effective ways to help share my knowledge with the world. I decided to take my training to the next level and bring it online for many reasons. 

The New York Times recently published an article reviewing the results of clients who opted for online training as opposed to those who did in-person training. The people with online person trainers ended up getting much better results!

Why is this?

Well, I've worked for many different facilities and I can say this: The reason online training beats in person training is because Online Training holds you accountable ALL Day EVERY Day as opposed to 1-3 one hour sessions a week. 

FNC Online training also emphasizes simple, easy, & effective nutrition where as most fitness studios or big box gym personal training barely even acknowledge it! (This always frustrated me) 

I would see people paying tons of money to these personal trainers for a "kick-ass" weekly workouts but yet yielding no major results. 

This does not happen with Fit Nutrit Commit online training. I simply will not allow it. 

I make sure my clients have all the tools they need to not only lose weight or put on muscle, but to also maintain it when they are finished the program. (I don't want you working with me forever!)

  I have been able to get tremendous results with my clients by holding them accountable through my online programs covering every aspect of training needed such as proper nutrition & meal plans, form instruction, training execution, supplement guide, daily accountability, dietary updates, weekly motivation, a transformation & weight maintenance guide, and more. 

"FNC Online Training Is The Future Of Health"

"I've Made It My Mission To Change The World Of Health For The Better. I'm Ready To Help Those Who Are Tired Of Diet Fads & And Useless Fitness Products And Ready To Make A Real Change.

I'm Here To Help People Get Real, Honest, Maintainable Results Without Sacrificing All The Foods They Love Or Doing Over The Top Crazy Workouts.

I Genuinely Care For The People I Work With And Do Everything In My Power To Help Them Achieve Their Goals."
Here's What Others Are Saying About Matt Michael & FNC
*All Testimonials Are From Real People & Real Experiences*

"He Was Able To Explain Nutrition To Me In A Way That Didn't Make Me Fear Food" - Jenni H

"For most of my life, I struggled with Anorexia and Bulimia. I've lost 3 inches from my waist. I'm up two pounds. I go to the gym 6 times a week and do weight training now. I use to weigh 80 pounds and now I'm 130. 

Matt really changed things for me and turned my life around. I owe him a world of thanks for all the time and effort he has put in with me. Matt is a great investment and a great trainer. I believe he can help you too, to turn your life around and have a better relationship with food and your body"

"Matt Is Excellent At What He Does" - Colby R

"He and his knowledge helped me lose 60 pounds. I've been sleeping better. I use to struggle with high anxiety. That is mostly gone now. I highly recommend Matt to anybody looking to improve their physical health, their mental health, or just their overall health in general. Hit him up if you need anything."

"Matt Has A Strong Filter For Bad Information"- Dr. Ben Larkin

"Matt does a really nice job of sifting through the bad information and passing on the good information to his clients. He is very genuine. He wants nothing more in life then to have people reach their goals.  

He helped me with my diet a few years ago and he counseled me on some really simple, effective strategies to cut my carbohydrate intake without giving up any of my favorite foods. So he did a great job for me and I know he can do a great job for you."
My Personal Transformation
I have bounced up and down with weight many times in my life and then lost it again. Unlike most trainers, I've truly been through the struggle and can relate to the pain. My heaviest weight was 235 pounds. I lost 50 of those pounds in 3.5 months just in time for my planned vacation to Mexico!

Though the experience of being overweight was very tough for me (as it is for many  of you), I am glad that I went through what I did so that I can better help my clients.

Every strategy I teach has been heavily researched and self-tested so I can deliver the most efficient and effective strategies for a sustainable health transformation. 

My transformation experience taught me a lot. Yours will too. And Your health will thank you for it! : )

I recommend checking out my "open enrollment" 28 day challenge as a jump-start to your own transformation. 

It may just be the kick in the butt you need to FINALLY achieve the body you've always wanted. : )
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