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"Matt Was Able To Explain Nutrition To Me In A Way That Didn't Make Me Fear Food" - Jenni H

"For most of my life, I struggled with Anorexia and Bulimia. I've lost 3 inches from my waist. I'm up two pounds. I go to the gym 6 times a week and do weight training now. I use to weigh 80 pounds and now I'm 130. 

Matt really changed things for me and turned my life around. I owe him a world of thanks for all the time and effort he has put in with me. Matt is a great investment and a great trainer. I believe he can help you too, to turn your life around and have a better relationship with food and your body"

"Matt Is Excellent At What He Does" - Colby R

"He and his knowledge helped me lose 60 pounds. I've been sleeping better. I use to struggle with high anxiety. That is mostly gone now. I highly recommend Matt to anybody looking to improve their physical health, their mental health, or just their overall health in general. Hit him up if you need anything."

"Matt Has A Strong Filter For Bad Information"- Dr. Ben Larkin

"Matt does a really nice job of sifting through the bad information and passing on the good information to his clients. He is very genuine. He wants nothing more in life then to have people reach their goals.  

He helped me with my diet a few years ago and he counseled me on some really simple, effective strategies to cut my carbohydrate intake without giving up any of my favorite foods. So he did a great job for me and I know he can do a great job for you."

"Matt Has Been A Godsend" - Steve P

"I had tried to lose weight on my own and I had tried to get fit on my own. As much as i do know, i didn't know enough to get it done by myself. And even when i was doing the right things, I couldn't get myself up to do it on my own without someone to check up on me. That's where Matt came in. He helped me fill in the gaps. He gave me a plan.
I've been with the program about a month. I'm down 10 pounds and still losing. And I'm feeling a world better then when I did when I started. Do yourself a favor and get yourself involved ."

"I Thought You Had To Kill Yourself In The Gym Every Day, That's Just Simply Not True" - Taylar D

"Despite not having time to commit to a workout every day, I was able to lose weight just by changing the way I eat. I thought that was just crazy to me. I thought you had to kill yourself at the gym every day to lose any kind of weight, but that's just simply not true." You can change the way you eat and lose weight without getting a crazy workout in. I found that adjusting my food with Matt was easy and simple." 
My Personal Transformation
I have bounced up and down with weight many times in my life and then lost it again. Unlike most trainers, I've truly been through the struggle and can relate to the pain. My heaviest weight was 235 pounds. I lost 50 of those pounds in 3.5 months just in time for my planned vacation to Mexico!

Though the experience of being overweight was very tough for me (as it is for many  of you), I am glad that I went through what I did so that I can better help my clients.

Every strategy I teach has been heavily researched and self-tested so I can deliver the most efficient and effective strategies for a sustainable health transformation. 

My transformation experience taught me a lot. Yours will too. And Your health will thank you for it! : )

I recommend checking out my 28 day challenge as a jump-start to your own transformation. 

It may just be the kick in the butt you need to FINALLY achieve the body you've always wanted. : )
Testimonial Videos & Before/After Photos
Colby R
Colby lost 60 pounds and overcame anxiety, depression, and sleeplessness during his time working with Matt.
Jenni H
Jenni overcame anorexia & bulimia after weight gain from a metabolism shut down. After working with Matt, She lost a significant percentage of body fat in a healthy manner and forever changed her relationship with food to a much healthier one.
Dr. Ben Larkin
Dr. Larkin had lost a significant amount of weight, but had trouble maintaining it without giving up the foods he loved. He learned how to maintain his weight loss with ease and without giving up his favorite foods using the strategies Matt teaches. 
Steve P
Steve lost over 12 pounds in under 28 days in the FNC 28 day challenge. He credits Matt's personable support for his success and states that this is only the beginning. He stated the program has made a "world of difference" he looks forward to continued work with Matt in the future. 
Taylar D
Taylar Lost 7 pounds in 28 days and lost 3 more pounds soon after. 

 Despite not having time to commit to a workout every day, I was able to lose weight just by changing the way I eat. I thought that was just crazy to me. I thought you had to kill yourself at the gym every day to lose any kind of weight, but that's just simply not true. You can change the way you eat and lose weight without getting a crazy workout in. 

I found that adjusting my food was easy and simple." Continue with Matt, his program is wonderful it's eye opening, it's helpful, it's supportive. Just do it. You can lose weight and Matt can help. 
Justin lost 16 pounds during the 28 day challenge and re-motivated himself to continue his journey to good health with his goal of becoming a more fun dad. 

I want to thank Matt for all your help in jump starting my journey to become a healthier, more fun dad. 

That was really the reason for all for. At this point, I've lost 16 pounds. I have a long way to go, but I'm on the journey and we'll get there eventually. I feel much better physically and mentally. 

Thanks again Matt for keeping me on track because that's what I needed. 
The Next Success Story Could Be Yours! : )
Testimonials From The Program I Lead At A Local Mental Health Center
These testimonials are extra special to me because I put my heart and soul into developing this particular "inShape" program at a local mental health center the last few years. Both mental and physical results have been amazing! All these people had for treatment previously we're pharmaceutical drugs, and this opened them up to a whole new world of health. This program sums up what I want to achieve as a greater mission in the world on a large scale with helping people achieve both mental and physical health transformations simultaneously!
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